Rube Goldberg Machine

Rube Goldberg machine made by Renata and Jie.


Renata and I watched several Youtube videos. Our first thought is to create a sophisticated slide to make the ball roll down to hit the lever switch. But suddenly we found that Shuangting had already taken our idea.


Then we focused on the possible way to pull the string for opening the door letting the ball roll down. I thought of making a gear system empowered by a DC motor.

I firstly found a template on the PaperMech website. Later on, I found the template didn’t work well on folding our string. So, I designed my own gear system which was gradually formed in my mind in the process of assembling the first one.

Gear Iterations & Testing


Decoration & Reinforcement

Renata made a box for the light sensor to detect the lightness. She also made a slide for the ball to roll down. The slide has also gone through two iterations.

Slide Iterations

Later, Renata found a more interesting way to pass the ball. She also found the domino could precisely hit the lever switch.

——————— Final Prototype ———————

——————— Video ———————