Omni Animal – Totoro


In this project, I am going to design and build an omni-animal. The goal of this project is to be able to use the laser cutter to prototype 2D and 3D objects.

Equipment & Software

I am going to use Inkscape for designing the patterns. After drawing all of the patterns, I will use the laser cutter for cutting, scoring and engraving them.


Object Identification. Totoro is one of my favorite cartoon animal characters. When I search online, I find that nobody designed its 3D laser cutter model. Thus, I decide to create one on my own.

Prototype Testing. Firstly, I draw a sketch on the paper. It allows me to get a spatial imagination of my prototype. Secondly, I find a picture of Totoro and I delineate its key features using the Inkscape. Then, I print my initial prototype on the cardboard to test out the connections of each piece.

My first prototype on cardboard.

Prototype Finalization. I adjust the width of every slot in order to match the thickness of the MDF material. I engrave and score the patterns such as Totoro’s eyes, nose, and its hair in front of the body. And then I use bars to make up Totoro’s beard.

Final Cut File